RHMS Calculator Guidelines

Calculators for Home Use

All of our math classes incorporate mathematics that will require the use of a calculator at times. Although we have class sets of these available for student use at school, it is imperative that the students have access to one of these calculators at home. Unfortunately, Rogers-Herr will no longer have any calculators available for purchase or rental. Below are some guidelines to help with this purchase.

If you have further questions or calculator concerns, please contact your child's math teacher.

6th Grade and 7th Grade (not Math I)

With the exception of a few small portions of instruction (which will require only in-class use), our students will work with the TI-73 calculator.

The TI-73 is a basic graphing calculator which can be found from many retailers for under $90. It runs on AAA batteries.

8th Grade (& 7th Graders Taking Math I)

The 8th grade curriculum will require some use of a graphing calculator. In class, students will use the TI-84.

We recommend that you instead purchase a TI-84 for home use (see information below with Common Core Math I).

TI-84 for Common Core Math I

Common Core Math I (CCMath I)

The high-school-level Common Core Math I course, as well as all other high school (and most college) math courses, requires the use of a TI-84 calculator. It is imperative that students have access to this calculator outside of the classroom.

Only the TI-84 Plus is an acceptable calculator. Please do not consider other brands or models as they operate very differently, and the TI calculators are specified for use on state tests. This calculator can often be found at local retailers for around $99 new during back-to-school sales (in a rainbow of colors), but you might be able to find lower prices at pawn shops or eBay.

This calculator uses AAA batteries.

This page last updated January 13, 2016