Math Resources

Math Games & Activities

  • AAA Math - Hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills, Interactive Practice, Explanations of math topics and Challenge Games
  • A Plus Math - click on the Game Room to play various math games. (Gr. 2-5)
  • Batter's Up Baseball- ages 3-12 multiplication & addition, select easy, medium or hard
  • Cool Math - for ages 13+ - geometry, fractions, fractals, etc. (grade 5 and up)
  • Cool Math for Kids - for ages 3-12 (goes through fractions)
  • Critical Thinking Logic Puzzles - from
  • Enlaces en español para la matemática- Spanish language math resources
  • Exploring Surface Area- Surface area and volume Surface area and volume. This Java applet enables students to form and rotate three-dimensional rectangular and triangular prisms and observe how changing the height, width, and depth affects volume and surface area.
  • Figure This - Math Challenges for Teachers, Students, and Families.
  • Geometry: Culturally Situated Design Tools- Using cultural and historical context to teach math and computing: for example, rotational math via brakedancing, physics via skateboarding, transformational geometry through cornrows or Yupik parka patterns. It allows you to design changes to the viewed material.

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