Intersession Camp Ideas

Please note: RHMS does not expressly support any private enterprise. These links are offered as a convenience and may not be interpreted as endorsement.

Many local organizations offer activities to keep students busy during our intersession breaks and teacher workdays. Here are some links that may be of interest to RHMS families.

Camps in the Greater Triangle Area

Still Looking?

Carolina Parent magazine is also a great source of camp information, as are other local year-round schools and their PTAs. Check with businesses near your home or work that cater to young people — karate or dance studios, for example. Also, camp providers will often add a session to their schedule if there's interest from a group of parents.

Camps may also be offered through DPS or by individual faculty members or sports coaches. Keep an eye on RHMS announcements to find out about those opportunities.

This page last updated September 2, 2016