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Athletic Updates

Staying for Home Games
Students planning to remain after school to attend any home game must have a signed parent permission form from their parent/guardian and $3.00 for their ticket before they can remain after school. They must also report to the auditorium for supervision immediately after dismissal. Students are not allowed to hang out front of the school, roam the building, or walk across the street to the stores or other businesses. Students in the Encore program will report to the cafeteria for Encore where they will remain until 4:00. If attending for the partial game with Encore, students enrolled in ENCORE are encouraged to donate at least $1.00 towards the Athletics department. If remaining for the entire event, ENCORE students need a signed permission form and $3.00 to be released from the Encore program. Permission forms are available here or in the main office. Emailed and verbal requests will not be accepted. However, a dated handwritten note granting permission with parent's/guardian's signature is also accepted.

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Coaches & Practices

Season Gender Team Head Coach Practices Email
Fall Boys Cross Country Jasmine Adams Mon-Thu, 2:30-4:45
Fall Girls Cross Country Jasmine Adams Mon-Thu, 2:30-4:45
Fall Boys Football Randall Laws Mon-Fri, 2:30-5:45
Fall Boys Soccer Amie Pugh Mon-Thu, 2:30-5:00
Fall Girls Volleyball Chimere Johnson Mon-Thu, 2:30-5:30
Fall/ Winter Girls Cheerleading Keaundra Robinson Mon-Thu, 2:30-5:30
Winter Boys Basketball John Braswell Mon-Thu, 2:30-5:30
Winter Girls Basketball Lisa Richmond Mon-Thu, 2:30-5:30
Spring Boys Baseball TBA Mon-Thu, 2:30-5:30 TBA
Spring Girls Soccer Amie Pugh Mon-Thu, 2:30-4:45
Spring Girls Softball Lisa Richmond Mon-Thu, 2:30-4:45
Spring Boys Track & Field Randall Laws Mon-Thu, 2:30-4:45
Spring Girls Track & Field Randall Laws Mon-Thu, 2:30-4:45

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